Two Lives Three Choices

Book Cover: Two Lives Three Choices

When two new students arrive at Krysta’s school, she quickly discovers she must:

Choose her friends

Seeing one of the new students sitting alone, Krysta must decide whether she’s willing to risk a friendship she already has for someone she hardly knows. That choice causes Krysta to have visions, revealing that the new arrivals are more than they seem.

Choose her side

The new students, Alec and Dion, are more than rivals. They are bitter enemies involved in the war that Krysta is suddenly thrust in the middle of. Unable to run, she must now choose where her loyalties lie.

Choose whether she’s willing to die for those she loves

Because when a friend is in danger, Krysta knows she can save them. But saving her friend’s life could cost Krysta her own.

Those three choices will define the life Krysta leads…and the one that she leaves behind.


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